Incredible Terrain

This part of Brazil (South) seems to be built on solid bed rock. We saw this up in Rio also with the incredible rock formations, huge and so steep and high. The sugar loaf and the Christ Statue are examples of this terrain. It is said that Brazilians love the beach so being on or as near to the beach is most important to them. So the Favelas (slums) are all built up the hills. All built on these steep sided cliffs. They have the most amazing views. Its funny how the rich don’t want the view, just to be by the beach, or down beside the coast.

Florianopolis is no different. It is incredibly steep. The homes are built perched on the sides of cliffs is seems – not so many Favelas here, mostly just normal housing. The driveways are so steep I just don’t know how they manage it every day. But I guess it is just what you get used to. In some places the footpath is laid around boulder formations, fences are built around the rock, it is so hard and solid, nothing will move it. It is good that there are no earthquakes here. There is a really steep hill between us here in Lagoa and the west side of the island and the city, we have to go over this road in the bus. I have to shut my eyes, the bus drivers are so fast, it honestly is like a roller coaster ride.

Learning Portuguese has been fun! We both admit that languages are not our strong suit, we struggled in Puerto Rico with Spanish, but to be honest I think we were a little shy to try. But that experience has given us confidence to try harder this time, and we did, with great success. The people were so accommodating to let us try, which made a big difference.

When I lived in Scotland (a long time ago) there was a “thing” called Munro Bagging.  A Munro is a mountain in Scotland which is more than 914.4 metres (3000 feet) It was a challenge to “Bag” as many as you could. Well we thought it would be fun to try “beach Bagging” here – There are 42! We bagged 8 ☹ but not a bad effort given the weather was cold and wet for 75% of the 3 ½ weeks we were here.

Cerveja! Brazilians love their Cerveja. Just happen to be in Floripa for a Beer festival.  We have to go! So up and over the dreaded hill with the crazy bus driver we go. 14 different breweries and about the same in food trucks. Live music and a great atmosphere. All beers 300ml for $R10. First beer truck we go to is a lovely young Brazilian woman who guessed that we were Australian. On more conversation she knew we were kiwis and it turned out that she had been there and was an avid supporter of the All Blacks. She is going to get a tattoo on her forearm of the all blacks so that when she puts her arms up in the haka stance, you will be able to see it. This woman was a dream come true for your average kiwi bloke as not only did she love NZ and followed the All Blacks, but she knew her beer! Rye beer, the rye brings the hops out – so she said! We walked away with a new friend, hugs all round – you just wouldn’t read about it!

Live music at the beer fest. 5 gorgeous young Brazilian girls with big guitars and long hair come on stage and start rocking ACDC! Complete with blond chick in school boy outfit. They were amazing! The lead guitarist was so talented, they rocked the house for 2 hours. Singing all ACDC songs in English of course, but then the lead singer would talk to the crowd – in Portuguese! Just felt wrong somehow – but I guess its actually not, its quite normal, its her country and they speak Portuguese!

Brazil? AMAZING! We will definitely come back here, It is a massive country, so much to explore, we want to see more!