Brazil, September 2019

Copacabana Beach

September is spring time, just like NZ. We arrived in Rio 21 August and left Florianopolis on 23 September. We were told by a local that September is very fickle, cold, hot, rain, wind, calm – all of the above. We have had a couple of really hot days and a couple of days freezing cold, so we agree totally! Probably not the choicest month to visit the South of Brazil. Brazil is such an enormous country, we have talked to people from the North East and they say it is Summer all year round and looking on the map we can see why. 100’s and 100’s of miles north of here.  It has been hanging around the 20deg C mark most days, which isn’t too bad, but there has been a nasty Southerly wind which makes it feel colder. Jeans and the puffer jacket have been worn on many occasions – as have the bikini and sun dress. We have made the most of the colder wet days by travelling on the bus rather than walking or cycling and doing indoor things and as soon as it looks like it will be sunny we head to the beach. We have had a high of 26 and a high of 14, the lows are around 14 – 18. Rio was wet, it rained most days we were there, but we were very lucky and when we visited the Christ and Favela, we had breaks in the weather and even got blue sky and clear sky for the fantastic views.

Still swimming though!! Copacabana Beach

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16 September 2019
5 September 2019
View from Christ the Redeemer, right up in the clouds