Brazil September 2019

Joaquina Beach

I was asked today by our lovely house owners, what do we appreciate most so far? Well that’s a big question. This is a wonderful place and it put Chris and I into a serious discussion on what IS actually what we like the most?? We are loving so many things about Floripa! But the best thing we have found are the people. We cycled south yesterday to a point on the map where we thought would be the closest point across the dunes to the beach. We got it a bit wrong but kept exploring. We locked our bikes up and walked towards the dunes. Hello, a man walking toward us with a New Zealand Beanie on. So we stopped him and had a chat. He has been to NZ, did some surfing in Raglan and also had been in Australia. So he told us where his house was and suggested we should get together for a BBQ. We agreed that we would go and knock on his door some time. He said he loves his country and loved NZ but it showed him how much he has here in Floripa and just LOVES that a Kiwis are here and enjoying it. We parted and carried on our walk. When we returned we had a note attached to our bikes with phone number and have since been in touch and WILL go and have a beer next week!

Porto de Lagoa

Every day we have another example of the friendliness of the Brazilian people – too much to write, as it will bore you to tears, but I just want to stress just how awesome this has been. We make friends everywhere we go, people just want to talk and they do not get cranky if we don’t understand each other at first, in fact I think they enjoy the challenge and love trying to speak in English. Everyone is interested too, they want to engage and have a chat and they go out of their way to help. The security guards at the apartment, the supermarket checkout, the restaurants, the passers by, the guy in the bus line, WOW great people. AND big hugs when we said good bye! Maravilhosa Brazil!!

Dunas Ingleses

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