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Share our adventures – current location – Australia


Hi! I am Donna and together with Chris, we are on a little adventure. We are admitting that we have gone AWOL – Absent without leave – But we have given ourselves leave! Leave to live “Another Way Of Life”

We are traveling the world primarily house sitting. This is bringing us to areas where we wouldn’t normally get to, and we are meeting the most amazing people on the way, both the home owners and the people in the communities where we find ourselves for extended periods of time.

If you are keen to have a look, these are the two websites we belong to. and We love it, and recommend both sites, they are both worldwide. You can look at all the house-sits without joining but If you want to join, use this link for trusted :- and you will get 25% discount

or this link for housecarers:- and you will get 6 months extra free

We are having great fun and having wonderful adventures, we would like to share a few of these with you as we go!

Live in the now

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